We are manufacturing spare parts for earthmoving equipment for the last 20 years. We are the choice supplier of spare parts for construction and forestry and mining industries, our produce can be purchased direct or from supply shops nationwide.

We specialise in replacement parts for most popular excavators from micro,mini,midi, and up to full size crawler excavators. We stock a large supply of parts in our inventory to meet our customer demands, all our produce is manufactured in house, therefore giving us the ability to produce at reduced costs, which also allows us to make off standard size excavator parts. We can also offer expert technical advice and repairs for all your excavator needs.

Our aim at Excavator Spare is to produce high quality spare parts and to deliver efficient distribution of all spare parts in hopes of achieving a high level of customer satisfaction. With this achievement, we can ensure to continue the development and expand our range excavator replacement parts needed to supply the continuing excavator product range demand.

This had been achieved by continued investments in the latest CNC Lathes and CNC Milling machines. We can also provide secondary operations such as welding and hardening in house.

Our company has enjoyed excellent relationships with its customers over the years and is continuously evolving to have itself in a strong position in earthmoving spare parts market for the future.

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